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SunState Auto Glass is one of the few AGRSS certified shops in the nation! AGRSS stands for “Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards” and only AGRSS certified shops are considered to be among the best in auto glass repair and replacement. Before you have your windshield repaired or replaced at another shop be sure to ask for their commitment to auto glass safety.

SunState Auto Glass technicians have a minimum of 10 years experience and also carry certifications through the adhesive companies such as Sika and Dow. These certifications insure proper use of the adhesives when your windshield is installed.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality glass is installed on all vehicles we service. SunState Auto Glass does not and will not manufacture its own glass do to inferior quality and fitment. Our glass suppliers make the glass for the actual car manufactures thus insuring the correct fitment and quality you expect.

Attn: Florida Residents, did you know in Florida you can be issued a fine if a damaged or broken windshield is not replaced?
Don’t get a fine, save your money and have it fixed at NO COST! Your Florida comprehensive insurance pays 100% on auto windshield replacements!

SunState Auto Glass will deal directly with your insurance company on the auto glass replacement saving you the time and headache of dealing with these unpleasant issues. You can simply get things started by contacting one of our friendly auto glass customer service representatives. Once they get your vehicle and insurance information we will dispatch one of our certified technicians and have you back on the road in no time, sometimes the same day!

Schedule your Auto Glass Replacement with SunState Auto Glass and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are dealing with one of the industry’s best!

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